It’s the world’s first electronic securing system for greenhouse crops.

A battery-operated electronic clipping tool and metal staples.

For trained crops (those that are suspended from twine), primarily tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and aubergines, although it can be used for other crops.

In over 30 countries worldwide, above all in those with the highest levels of greenhouse production: Spain, Netherlands, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Germany, France, England, Italy, Australia, etc.

950 grams.

It varies according to crop and planting density, but the average is 1600-2000 plants/hour.

Tomsystem has 5 different clipping tension settings depending on the thickness of the twine. Suitable for any type of commercial twine, from thicknesses of 1500 m/kg to 1000 m/kg.

Yes, there’s a specific software setting for thicker twines, so it adapts perfectly.

Around 40% in securing work. One worker less per hectare required.

2 full working days.

2 hours.

Two types: V46 galvanised steel and V46BB non-galvanised steel.

Each staple has a diameter of 22 mm, which is suitable for all varieties of the crops indicated.

100 staples.

Each box contains 6000 staples, 120 boxes per pallet. Which means that each pallet contains 720,000 staples.

It depends on the crop, the variety and the season, but generally staples are applied every 5-7 days for tomatoes (20-40 cm of growth), and every 3-5 days for cucumbers. In the case of peppers, less frequently.

The tool has a one-year guarantee, which may be extended if requested after the annual maintenance service.

It’s provided by the nearest authorised dealer and the parts most affected by wear and tear are replaced.

Yes, both V46 and V46BB staples are degradable in compost, although the galvanised steel ones compost more quickly.

Yes, no problem, adjusting the metal detector.

By adjusting the closure of the staples according to the type of twine used, it is possible to secure any type of crop, even the heaviest varieties (vines weighing more than 1 kg/plants weighing more than 10 kg/annual yield of more than 80 kg/m²).

TomSystem can be used in any secured crop (vertically supported from above), from high-tech greenhouses to vine greenhouses or shade structures.

It can be wiped with a damp (but not wet) cloth, taking care not to condensation inside the tool. Following the same criteria, commercial disinfectants can also be used.

The system includes a belt-bag for the battery and staples. When using an electric trolley, there is the option to extend the battery cable by 2.4 metres.

Tomsystem is the best securing method for inexperienced workers, as it is very intuitive to use, the technique is quick and easy to pick up, and it avoids any damage to the plant.