Binding is an essential element to ensure that plants remains upright, thereby optimising fruit production. The main function of different binding systems is to train the plants to stay upright.

The binding technique is based on wrapping a ring of thread or tape around the  stake and the plant’s stem, binding them together to prevent the stem bending or twisting while it grows.

This is undoubtedly the most traditional method. However, it can damage the plant, or even break the stem during the process. That’s why it requires highly  skilled workers trained in the method.

 Tomsystem is the leading staking machine on the market with outstanding characteristics. 

The Tomsystem allows optimum production in the least amount of time, staking up to 1600 plants per hour. This results in cost saving as this system does not require the same specialized skills as the traditional plastic clip method.

As well as preventing stem breakage, the Tomsystem also offers many other advantages making it unique to this sector. The clips are degradable and compostable and incur lower recycling, transport and storage costs than other methods. The Tomsystem also provides excellent after sales service which includes: customer service, maintenance, spare parts, repairs and technical support.


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